What is your understanding of issues related to the unit?

When working on this unit, I noticed there were a number of workshops to experiment with outside of both my essay and collage project. For me there were such a challenging barrier since it took me longer than others to get my head around the steps of working throughout the process.

What context would you place your work in?

My work would be placed in Collage, the reason for this is that is that a image of playing cards is commonly a flat symmetric layout which is similar to the construction of a collage that too can portray a strong symbol by having a creative arrangement of elements and colours that can possibly build a symbol.

What were the reasons behind your photographic choices? For instance, how do you think your visual choices translate to your ideas?

Firstly the whole playing cards concept came from playing card applications on my iPad such as solitaire, In addition I had researched and come across a number of collage artists such as Peter Blake and Markus Hofko who may not have used cards Blake using cartoon characters’ and Hofko who uses everyday objects. This influenced me to produce cards showing a contemporary humour replacing the authentic medieval history.

How have you managed your studies?

I have had to improve on my organisation skills by planning ahead to get resources needed, for example, books from the library as I have occurred fines. I have referenced resources as I have gone along, which has saved me time. I have utilised the universities resources such as, the use of printers to enable me to have better quality images, I have had to manage my time effectively which has paid off as I have been able to submit my essay a week early which has enabled me to focus my attention on the other tasks. I need to continue to manage my time effectively with all units.

What aspects of your project do you need to reflect upon and why?

My cards have their basic symmetric designs along with some colour correlating logos that flow with them, however, assembling these cards together were a struggle so choice of logos were very important in terms of the colour schemes, in addition, the size of the cards were difficult to both plan and produce, technical printing difficulties occurred which involved having to do multiply prints and assembling before the final finished pieces.

What has been the most significant challenge on these Units so far? – How can you overcome them in the future?

The most significant challenges for me was having to attend workshops and process lots of new information relating to how equipment and machines work and then go onto project work straight away. I found that I was not able to focus my attention to this and that I needed to have a break. I felt so overwhelmed as I was asked to undertake the task of taking analogue photographs. I had to do this the next day to reduce my feelings of high anxiety. This worked well for me and I was able to then focus my attention fully.