Diagram of Evaluation

What Happened?

As I approached the abandoned environment, I tried taking some photographs of both the circled and other remains of the amusement dome and its park which I found a good starting point for developing the photography, I used a ladder for a more clear shot. Next I used my memory revealing aspects which were coconuts and balloons on rusty stakes. Then I placed a deck chair on the soil that had its similar compositions and colours as the balloons. On the next shoot I brought more aspects or items (teddy bear, wooden horse, lollipop and plastic ducks) I planned to incorporate these items in my images.

DSC_0018 DSC_0042 (3) CSC_0133


When arriving at this chosen environment ready for the shoot, I would still have that same disappointed feeling as I did as a child when witnessing this forgotten part of Folkestone. In the photography process, my feelings would be expressed within the aspects in the remains of the dome. Some aspects were connecting with the weather and foreground and some were communicating with The Burstin Hotel since the hotel was a major connection to the amusements.

DSC_0006 CSC_0131

What was good & what was bad?

The aspects I thought worked well were particularly the horse, the ducks, the lollipop and the balloons since they were in my chosen 4 final images. I liked most importantly their bright colours, contrast and compositions since these three reasons were a key importance of making these photographs work visually. What didn’t work out for me was some overexposed skies, underexposed foreground and aspects that didn’t get separated from the middle ground.


I felt that it was important to convey to the audience of my location, I was able to include an iconic building in the background, in this case a local hotel. However I wanted to express the emptiness and sadness of the now derelict funfair, I achieved this by showing a featureless landscape. I wanted people to reflect on what was a place of enjoyment and fun against the very contrasting scene of today.

DSC_0042 (3)CSC_0132

What else could you have done?

When looking at every image on the contact sheets, I noticed that the objects were taken pretty close up and I could of been much further away from them so then I could possibly capture the gravel remains of the dome circle while the aspects would be placed in it. On reflection, I feel that I could have changed location giving me more opportunities to include other iconic features surrounding the former funfair.

If you arose again what would you do?

If an opportunity to do this shoot again was upon me, then I would try to take more photographs from looking the opposite direction from The Burstin Hotel which was the rest of the empty concrete space that could brought more into my references and amusements symbolism. In addition, I could choose different times of day allowing different light to be captured.