karen-elson-by-tim-walker-for-vogue-uk-may-2015-22 markpower1

After looking at the previous thirteen images, I have decided to choose both the photography of Tim Walker and Mark Power, these images both have their interesting surreal environments and powerful drama in their own creative scenarios.

Tim Walker has his own staged environment that characteristically components with the model that to me has the powerful character of a queen that owns her land which would be the misty background that brings out the striking drama of the scene which is my key reason to be interested in this photograph.

The environment and its aspects in Mark Power’s photograph may not literally be as photogenic as the Vogue photograph, but it does have its strong meanings within a rather deeper scenario than the fashion photograph, closer inspection on the work of Mark Power I think presents a documentary about left out spaces within particular parts of Britain (mainly the outskirts of the city of London) which too interests me mainly because of myself being a British citizen.

In comparison, Tim Walker’s Vogue has honestly in my eyes a rather anonymous place which works for what’s being directed, while Mark Power’s place looks more recognisable since it is not a fantasy style of staging photography like the Vogue photograph.

I could also imagine both of these images being sublime as Tim Walker’s photograph has the facial expression of the woman that looks rather dangerous (like if she doesn’t want anybody messing with her) and Mark Power’s chaotic garage photograph would likely have a response of being rather disgusted which would when the viewer’s being in the area would preferably be avoided.



UntitledP018-4/4, 11/30/05, 2:10 PM, 16G, 3936x3876 (709+964), 100%, Cruz 080205, 1/120 s, R67.3, G57.4, B71.7

When inspecting these photographs, I feel the photographers have looked deep into their insides and started establishing their outsides (which was the production of these types of photography). Roe’s image has the women looking very relaxed and calm in comfort while in Francesca’s image, the space looks rather dark and mysterious.

The photograph on the left has its beauty within the flowery dress blending with the red carpet which has a similar colour scheme, the compost has a connection with the flowers on the woman’s dress but not necessarily in a beautiful style like the cosy warm carpet but rather a little bit humorous in terms of the strange idea of using it in the picture, however it narratively adds to the photograph with its little sunflower. The symbolism of this fashion photography in my opinion could be the experience of love since I think the image looks like an imagery of a gentleman’s dream about his crush.

The photograph on the right contains another woman that is hiding her identity and looking agitated in her space unlike the other photograph which overall shows and interesting comparison. The inspiration most likely in my opinion would be the feelings of the photographer over something which would include being shy in the outside world and would stay inside. Roe Ethridge on the other hand has his fine insides that influence him creating his beauty on the outside.