Fundraising for Exhibition


Since the exhibition was upon me and the other photographers, everybody needed to be divided into groups with particular roles to create the upcoming 2018 event, for me, I chose to work in the FUNDRAISING group despite my lack of experience. The lack of experience was about become experience which was a good move for myself as a student. The first discussion with my group was the budget and target for the fundraising and strategies of building towards our selected target. The image above showed a rough price of £16,000 along with a list of sales, advertising and websites in support of the development. I wasn’t very confident working in groups as my understandings towards tasks are rather simplistic and everything mostly seemed complex despite disagreements .


Visiting exhibition spaces in London including Candid Arts 

After planning on ways of making money such as cake sales, selling prints etc, I and other colleagues in the Photography course (unlike Fashion who had their plans the week after) visited London for an inspection of spaces with awareness of size and cost, the visit went very well as it also helped me with my Major Project ironically (as London had a lot of strange yet satisfying structures all around the areas I visited) Candid Arts was honestly the best in the end as most students voted it as the most suitable for our upcoming exhibition.



For my establishment with my group, I discussed some ideas that worked with the previous third years in my university successfully having a Tombola, Raffle and Cake Sale which influenced me and my colleague Ethan who was also part of role to have this setup for January in hopes of repeating the same outcome as it would essentially benefit the group. My role along side my collegue my Ethan was to book stalls in the office as well as assisting setting up the stalls and selling cakes. In addition, the timetable for my term in January 2018 would have some self directed study days on a Monday as well as my usual days which expanded my chances of planning the stall setup much more accurately as well as some other students willing to help out with the sales.


The stall was setup in March as planning had been rather difficult, the setup had a variety of homemade and supermarket cakes on sale for 50p which was a very big success as the stall completely sold out leaving the fundraising group a profit (excluding the float) of £100. After this we had hopes of receiving online donations from our Kickstarter video promoting the upcoming exhibition as well as having a print sale.



This sale involved much more cakes than the previous sale as new members were joining the fundraising group. Their cakes added to the collection which increased the chances of sales, the sale in the end was fortunately sold out along with some second-hand clothing resulting in a profit of £100.


This sale was much larger than the previous two sales as this involved two other stalls, the stalls included prints, second hand accessories (such as DVDs, games and books), cakes and second hand clothes. The first day of these stalls being around were upstairs in the photography section of the university which was rather small plus the building was less busy than the day after, either way the stalls on both days ended up with a profit of £250, so in strategy, it was discussed that the groups would lower down prices for a few stuff which would potentially increase the chances of sales.



The Kickstarter video was a promotional teaser of the upcoming Eye Candy and Sugar Exhibition, the video was a montage of people experimenting with photography equipment and photos that were part of each students FMP (Final Major Project). In this part, everyone would take a seat and be filmed for 5 seconds to be part of a montage of the photographers as part of the exhibition, the video’s goal was to raise money in combination of the cake sales.


KICKSTARTER filming and screenshots of video




  • 22/11/17 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes
  • Our Fundraising plans list
  • Planning to raise money between £16,000 and £20,000
  • Plan for Kickstarter video
  • Plan for Northern Seaman bar to exhibit and sell prints
  • plan for Cake sale, Raffle and Tombola
  • House party to sell prints, food and drink
  • Posters, Noticeboards and social media for advertisement.
  • 10/1/18 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes
  • Myself and Ethan having a possible partnerships with Fashion Design/pictures for clothing
  • Cake sales becoming more proactive as prints wouldn’t sell as much in comparison
  • Kickstarter needs a list of donator rewards
  • Postcards suggested
  • 31/1/18 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes 
  • Stall in Rochester booked for 10th March, 5 prints per person, their work or local photos of Rochester
  • Kickstarter planned to be running for the next 6 weeks
  • Planning to be interviewing students about their Final Major Projects for the Kickstarter video
  • 4/12/17 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes
  • Fundraising team plans a stall on 9/2/18
  • Thinking about raising a stall in London selling prints £50 – £70
  • Fundraising plan to setting up an a exhibition to sell prints at Northern Seaman
  • 07/03/18 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes
  • Brad sets up a PayPal account for online payments towards cake sales
  • Colour schemes being discussed with sales and logo of exhibitions Eye Candy & Sugar
  • Cake Sale planned for 9/3/18
  • Heike suggests days Wednesdays and Thursdays for the cake sales to open
  • Brad plans to verify self identification along with promotional plans for the Kickstarter project
  • Print Sale online
  • Ravaan plans a second hand sale at a house to raise money for the fundraising group
  • Abigail and Alex plan to organise a stall for the fashion students to raise money for the Sugar exhibition
  • 21/03/18 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes 
  • Kickstarter video finished
  • FMP (Final Major Project) images planned to be inserted into promotional video
  • Exhibition space awareness and planning
  • Dallas recommends a market featuring second hand clothing etc
  • £250 made from cake sales
  • Theoretical plans for weekly cake sales for the remaining 8 weeks from this date
  • Print sale theoretically planned to be located at someones home including free food and drink (5 different locations) Laura (from the curation team) sold £600 from her house sale which could be beneficial for current sales ( her sales consisted in A4s for £10 and A3s for £20)
  • Plans of selling 8×10 prints
  • Possible plans for UCA foyer market
  • Depod page up and running
  • Looking into sponsorships for the exhibitions
  • Alex recommends T shirt sale with peoples images on the clothing selling for £45
  • 11/04/18 (Duration: 60 mins) Notes
  • Plans for students to be filmed for addition to the Kickstarter video
  • Preparation for second hand and print market stall coming later in a few days
  • Fundraising team plans sales
  • Kickstarter needs group photo or some way to get all students involved
  • Kickstarter needs explanations of work meanings





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