Berenice Abbot was one of the earliest photographers to develop on the architecture theme with the medium of using the nostalgic analogue cameras, with this medium, she would use the tones as a major element to her photographs which give them more definition than the average photographic eye would see, the photographer was aware that the black and white development of the film must be not only be balanced in terms of a clear image but also towards a correct level of meticulous detail so then the photographs could express the city of New York in a more beautiful style. This style reminded me of of my earliest work.



“Hervé took thousands of photographs of Le Corbusier’s projects in France and India, as well as portraits of the architect at work and visual studies of objects such as tree trunks or concrete. Once he developed the photographs as contact sheets, he narrowed them down and pasted them into an album, which he and Le Corbusier used when selecting images for publications, lectures, and books”.  The photographs consist of a variety of shadows being captured in all sorts of camera angles. Much like Abbot, Herve develops with the medium of analogue photography with strong perspectives as well as image presentation. The differences are some of the photos being taken inside as well as outside.




“Bas Princen is an an artist and photographer living and working in Rotterdam and Zurich. He was educated as industrial designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven and later studied architecture at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Since then, through the use of photography, his work focuses on urban landscape in transformation, researching the various forms, outcomes and imaginaries of changing urban space”.

I found this artist pretty interesting as the work was simply ambiguous in terms of the imaginary keyword that Bas Prince uses when presenting his work, it introduces the world in a way that we may see it in our dreams, a strange yet momentarily beauty which reminds me of the movie American Beauty made in 1999 which in common expresses beauty in an ambiguous way rather than using a scripted plot or idea.

American Beauty movie poster 


Bas Princen’s work


Link to artists website: 



With my pyramid experimentation becoming a new part of my development, I thought of a mention of this artist. In the mid times of 2011 a story/creepypasta (horror stories on the internet believed to be true) was posted about a haunted video game cartridge of a Nintendo video game, fanboy digression aside, the author of the story was a pixel artist who originally created the images that flowed along with the creepypasta. (yes the story was fake, sorry for spoilers). The pixel artist created a particular series of images of a level where the main protagonist or character walks along a level with a surreal Egyptian vibe where the players experience as well as interpretation of level is rather ambiguous or creepy (pun intended).

Artwork by CosbyDaf (NES Godzilla Creepypasta) 


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.41.33

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.40.38


Ljungstedt is the art director of 2016’s popular video game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst by DICE and Electronic Arts, the artist wanted to make the city as believable as possible however, there are red highlighted areas in the city which guide the player on where to go for her (as the character is a female) to get towards the mission objectives. This includes animated arrows guiding the player on how to overcome obstacles which are commonly designed for the tutorials. The city’s design has its other colours which can often confuse players which the director Jhony Ljungstedt expects as it not only makes the video game more challenging for players but as an artist changes the perception of the city rather than just having as a beautiful concept or background. “Even still, just looking at a location without the runner vision on can give you a good idea of how to proceed. Especially after you’ve played for a while, you’ll notice parts of the environment that can help you get around”.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 20.29.24

Helene Binet 

“Hélène Binet has emerged as one of the leading architectural photographers in the world. Every time Hélène Binet takes a photograph, she exposes architecture’s achievements, strength, pathos and fragility.” Daniel Libeskind.

Helene Binet is one of the most leading architectural photographers in the world, she is commonly known for using her photography skills to express what the original architect of the buildings she photographs want to present towards the public. Binet has photographed famous monuments such as the Berlin Wall and the Jewish Museum.



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