A Synthesis of my work


Still Life

Objects are subjects I am fasciated about mainly because of their elegant shapes and forms as well as their patterns, and the fact they don’t change their appearance in comparison to people as society have their expressions changing every second. Objects are one behaviour and flattened pace which I like to slowly and patiently inspect before my admiration can kick in without interruption.

With their still and silent presentation along with their shapes (or colours occasionally), I can let myself to be creative by drawing most attention to myself regarding my strategies of capturing the subject without any negotiation with it.


Much like how I was describing still life, architecture is a huge part of that experience. Aside this perspective, buildings are what make the world a visually interesting place aside them also making it extremely busy which I think what makes a building one of the most consistent subjects in art.

Symbolism and Metaphors

Some artworks can be dramatic in order to either symbolise or be a metaphoric message, whenever its a landscape scenery or an object in main regards to its purpose along with other possibilities of interpreting it. This style of art commonly intrigues people as it can essentially show people new ways of seeing the world whenever it being about our rights or just entertaining fantasies which has interested me in many ways.

Pop Culture

I remember being in lecture in university about the life and journey of pop artist Andy Warhol who was famous for his multi media development within the genre of everyday entertainment such as the food we love to eat and our famous glamorous celebrities.

I loved the genre as I wasn’t the most passionate on works that were new and differently unrealistic creations, although it too was an interesting approach but the majority I’ve seen from other artists were more of something I thought the artists would understand more than the general pubic that would come and visit and inspect the work. So by having recognisable elements along with some funky humour, the work show consistent signs of its criteria relation to society as well as an artists personal view on something.

Colours and Shapes

Colours and Shapes are essential when it comes to the mood of a piece of work and people have them as an advantage to creativity control that mood especially on objects which has been a key part with the creative side of art and photography that has made me incentive to participate.

Light and Shadows

Although photography is crucially essential with light and shadow, I had also learn’t about the creative sides of light and shadow such as buildings or arched tunnels creating their shadows which add to the photograph in regards towards the subject’s shapes creating more attention to detail which I passionately think brings out more of the subjects authentic qualities and even purposes in terms of having a new visual approach when looking at the subject in the picture.


Every sound can possibly be music and can be very crucial in art at times. For me, I have been listening to music from artists that have worked for official soundtracks in big entertainment industries (mainly the ones on TV and video gaming) and have fasciated me all my life.

In my ears, I think music can correlate to thousands of works and in time (whenever minutes or seconds) can create a whole new meaning other than its first original make for whatever that particular project was, for example, I could find a piece of music soothing while it may creep out another person from what they would hear.


The themes that are dealt with in my work are the expressionism’s of qualities within the subjects I capture, mainly subjects with materials, patterns, shapes or forms and colours as well as their elegance which I can believe them often telling a narrative whenever its them being a flowing series or a powerful symbol. The subjects could be small objects (everyday found stuff indoors or out in the streets) or buildings/architecture.


I see myself going in a direction of exploring qualities within subjects, i’ve spent a good amount of time in my life practicing elements in photography such as composition techniques as well as a few editing abilities. What I am still learning and would like to push myself towards is what can make a subject look consistent in an image, this would be in terms of its print qualities and perhaps some particular equipment which could be beneficial for preventing issues like noise and blurriness.


I’ve looked at many genres I was interested in and one genre in particular was something I had honestly really enjoyed which was architecture, ever since I was starting to use a camera, I was interested in shapes around the environment with reasons being with their forms, patterns and colours. I have continued this genre ever since and have even explored new ways of developing my photography in terms of the genre such as looking at smaller objects like balloons, antiques or even ground surfaces along with contextual research when I was writing essays.

I see a lot of potential in myself with this genre as it can be beneficial for commercial whenever its an advantage for wallpapers and postcards for example.


The particular styles I have learn’t in my years at university have had a satisfying relation to the themes I have been looking into, these styles have mainly been equipment and software.

Darkroom printing

When I was looking back at some of my earliest works of objectivity, they usually had their authentic colours tweaked to black and white as quite a majority of them had some pretty ugly tones such as deteriorated paint work which I prevented of showing by erasing the colours which ended up showing a much more neater point of view as the shapes could combine more accurately and smoothly.

In university, I learn’t about the origins of black and white tones with analogue cameras as well as the density balances within the darkrooms where the images would be printed, analogue prints unlike the digital have a more smoother texture to them as the tones are spread out in grain which in comparison to noise is less rough. When I was practicing my techniques in the darkroom, the grain was not much of a worry as I would simply use a focus finder while turning the focus knob to detect the detailed grain dots while in digital there were some occasional issues mainly in regards to resolution.

This could possibly have a link of some sort as I once printed out a photo of a lamp with its light in which interesting showed a delicate balance of smoothed light and shadow.

Photoshop and Collage

Photoshop had many tools I could use to creativity change my photographs to the styles I intended to design,  however I also learn’t a rather old fashioned way of being creative with images which was the styles of Collage which simply brings a new meaning or perspective in images by combining multiple aspects to create an entire new aspect. These two particular editing methodologies can be handled many ways and are always useful when experimenting on my favourite themes and genres in relation to objects.



When I learn, I usually don’t like going from one method but rather a variety of methods and approaches. I am also a visual learner so I prefer somebody showing me how its done by them using a camera for example which is generally my most calm and concentrated way of learning, this can occasionally be an issue which puts me in a position where I may need to challenge my comfort zone and become more confident and incentive to participate.

The positives on my approach is that I can take a subject or theme and try to be as open minded as possible by being aware of how long a particular process can take and think about new ways of approaching those ideas which benefits my development which prevents being hooked up on one interpretation or perspective.


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