Folkestone War History


Scans of pages 92 & 93 in the book “Folkestone through time” by Alan F. Taylor 2009

I was looking through a couple of history books I had at home that show Folkestone’s transitions and was mostly interested in the images that had almost the same compositions unlike some others which were locations having very profound changes. Most of the books were showing their images the same ways, the only differences I could find was some slight merging between images just like the book cover in the image below.


Folkestone Then & Now by Alexander Tulloch 2012


I had also visited a few websites that to my hope would have some interesting images of Folkestone from the past that I could use during some work development. Some may of not been during the war but were definitely worth the inspection in terms of aspects, colours and font beside compositions. 







Scans of Folkestone History Book 

(Copyright 1990 Eamonn D. Rooney, Alan F . Taylor, Charles E, Whitney)



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