I look at a number of artists and was interested in the work of Ola Lanko with the All year Round project and the Google Earth/Maps work by Mishka Henner . Ola Lanko’s work was a novel study and representation of the notion of time, the camera would be photographing the same area (The IJ waterway in Amsterdam) for an entire year which resulted in the prints being presented as a circular set of curtains which not only presented a 365 day archive but also a beautiful instillation.


Mishka Henner worked on a few projects based on Google Earth/Maps, he used the feature to create works with all sorts of styles and contexts such as discovery’s of isolated women wondering around the streets of European countries and multiple locations being  stitched together to show intricate detail.


SP1, Ancarano, Abruzzi, Italy. From the series No Man’s Land, exploring the margins of our urban and rural European environment as experienced by what appear to be women soliciting sex, all captured by Google Street View cameras.













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