Individual Project Evaluation

The travelling part of the project was a struggle since I don’t drive so my parents had to give me lifts to many places around Kent as I would be in the passenger seat inspecting buildings passing by both front and back.

The simplest way of developing these images to get the right amount of letters I needed in order top make the sentence was to just simply look for many signs as possible (the more the better).

I was pleased with my images although some were honestly not as interesting as others but as series it all correlate well together in terms of the essential sentence or message. I was also pleased that I felt that this was an original idea since It was difficult to find another artist who would do something exactly like this and not similar which overall as an idea seemed like I was breaking boundaries.

This project could of been a little better if the shoots of each sign was less rushed so I could focus on more camera angles, As for the collage, I could of developed more techniques to create the series spelling the title of the work “The More You Look, The More You See.” plus a little more research in Collage Techniques with text.


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