Visual and Contextual Research


What circus is this? What strange ghosts are they that loom out of the darkest black, the last place in our dreams? They are us and they are Them.

Danny Traecy is an artist who would travel to various areas such as the woods, the wastelands and car-parks, he would collect trash and dirty torn clothes and remodel them into his own fashion he would describe these costumes as nightmares of the catwalk, prowling around the outskirts of style’s dumb extravagance.


Barbara Kruger is best known for her silkscreen prints where she placed a direct and concise caption across the surface of a found photograph. I was interested in this artwork as I liked how the text would connect to its background in many styles and genres whether its political personal or humorous.


The Bechers

The Bechers were famously known for their series on industrial buildings,  The German photographers preoccupied with the photography of old industrial buildings in a manner related to industrial archaeology. This huge series had reminded me of traveling around to many towns in Kent to photograph signs expressing their aging towards their endings.







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