Tests and Experiments


My Environment Unit work was all about feelings as a photographer in an environment, I couldn’t look at the Rotunda for too long because I didn’t want to lose my positivity, so this work got me back into that positivity. I missed the good times and I hate this change, so I revived glimpses of the past. I thought this photograph was the strongest since it had the best light and composition, It could have been a little better by using colour film to perhaps further express the personal feelings more effectively.

DSC_0042 (3)

For my Identity unit, My parents had a hobby of dressing up in a 1940s fashion since they like lindy hopping and I could see them as 40s characters when dressed up and not my parents so I decided to capture them plus myself re-enacting which may have been complicated in terms of what act to do with the alter egos but the outcomes resulted with interesting mystery and curiosities. As for the photographs, the solider photograph was my favourite because of its pose and facial expression which may be a little surreal but was interesting as a contemporary mixture with a 1940s history by having the modern pose along with the suffering face of the soldier in his uniform, I came across this when test shooting however, the lighting had its weak shades so lighting was something I could of developed more.

DSC_0258 (2)

The Image Making Unit had introduced me to the style of Collage which really interested me and I wanted to try it out for this unit, The idea was inspired by the concept of the playing cards. I have always liked the details on the cards along with their strong symbolism, I decided to tweak the designs by cutting out the original medieval theming of the designs and replaced them with elements that come from a more modern society in comparison. Overall the project was a shorter process unlike the others since the outcome was a miniature series with only a few elements since a large quantity of these elements didn’t work during my development, I could of improved a little better on these pieces if the heads each had something to wear that was modern such as hats or hoods. This particular card was my favourite out of the rest mainly because of its particular patterns and compositions of the logos.

img006 copy


  • Looking at locations and the compositions of the subjects within them
  • RAW quality
  • Correlations in an image
  • Being more open minded
  • Using tripods
  • Camera angles
  • Learning about other photographers/structuring and writing essays


  • Try using the studios
  • Film stapling and hooking in darkrooms before processing
  • Communication and social skills as a photographer
  • Visit exhibitions (another good way of researching)
  • Visit guest talks in the university
  • Printing skills and image size
  • Quality in my images?
  • Using cameras from the store more than just my personal camera



I’m seeing something nostalgic that’s barely alive as I wonder around a few towns that were well known both currently and historically. When I spot these old signs, it makes me think deeply of its past and thinking deep is just as observant as discovering these signs in the first place. I would then use its dying text to say its last words.

I physically interacted with these dying boxes of text and discovered my own personal sentence that symbolised them which seems melancholic of a human narrative.

I see things in my life that many other people don’t see and I think this intuitive journey expresses my autistic eyes, I remember inspecting the industrial buildings by The Bechers and was interested in their shapes both old and new as years were moving on, for me, I had discovered something not too close from death and expressing an open mind was the last I could do.


This optional workshop was worth the time for me since I had learnt another way of developing photographs than just scanning negatives and inserting files into a folder. Darkroom developing was a work of time and patience since I would learn from my test prints what density and colour balance to use to print the correct picture. In contrast to Black and White, the well-balanced picture would not only require a detailed density but also the perfect balance of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow areas of the picture, for me, it was like trying to balance the numbers to get the print I wanted. Density was something I at least had a little experience controlling from the previous unit and colour balance was quite complicated to figure out and fix.



                                                   BEFORE                                                          AFTER

This workshop was about scanning a negative and using the Histogram to tweak the RGB (just like I would do before printing a digital image correctly) I also had the abilities to clean dusty areas on the picture by using a healing brush on Photoshop by setting up an appropriate layer for the cleaning process.



Test Shots in Folkestone and Cheriton 



This shot was taken in Canterbury 


DSC_0043 (8)DSC_0043 (18)


Physical Version


Photoshop Version after scanning Physical Version 



DSC_0043 (15)DSC_0043 (4)DSC_0019DSC_0043 (24)DSC_0003(3)image2DSC_0043 (24)-2DSC_0043 (5)


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