Now that I had my idea of the individual project, it would be essential to research some work in relation and inspiration to the new journey. Martha Rosler was an artist I mentioned in the previous unit (The Image Making Unit) but how does she also relate this project? Martha Rosler has also produced a photography project by visiting various streets and describing what she sees or thinks metaphorically of each locations by a number of words in a list beside the photographs in addition she was well known for her nostalgic collages.

war martha rosler



I was also intrigued by the work of Robert Frank, I remember watching his documentary “Leaving Home, Coming Home” (2005) and inspecting his personal journeys around New York, he was saying that America was changing throughout the years. I also remembering scrolling through his photographs in his books such as The Americans and Flamingo. The way I see the many environments I interacted with, I’m seeing something nostalgic that’s barely alive.

When developing my zine I was interested in his publication style which influenced me to try it myself.




This filmmaker artist was well known for this film in 1970 “Zorn’s Lemma a film where Frampton would travel to various spaces (mainly towns and cities) and photograph signs in an alphabetical order. It begins with a dark screen and a woman narrating from The Bay State Primer which was an early American grammar textbook that teaches the letters of the alphabet by using them in sentences derived from The Bible.


I was very interesting in the artwork of Ed Fella, I like the colours and fonts he uses in his collages to create these inspiring anthologies that take me to all sorts of directions when following the letters.



Sex Pistols Jamie Reid

The collage methodologies of Jamie Reid were rather simple as he would find his text from newspapers and use the words to create his titles for the legendary band The Sex Pistols, in slight contrast, I would explore letters with many fonts and visibilities depending how old they are to create my own title.


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