In this image of Albert Einstein, the photographer has captured some of the key elements to enhance the person’s identity. The facial expression shows him looking upwards giving the appearance of deep thoughts or concentration along with the black and white layout that bonds with it, it could be argued that he is looking into an unknown space. His hands have been placed in a certain way almost if they’re a prop, this pose represents an intelligent person, and in contrast an image of somebody scratching their head for instance would portray somebody who is unsure of themselves.

His clothes and hair indicates how he feels about his visual presentation to the world as a human being despite his social class, he wishes people to see him as an intelligent, creative, thinker who would prefer to listen to him rather than what he looks like.

Joey Essex

In this image of Joey Essex, the photographer has captured rather different elements to enhance identity in contrast to the photograph of Albert Einstein. The purpose of the photograph being taken is more recognisable in terms of the photograph being on a magazine open to the public, the character being portrayed is a physically glamorous looking man that is proud of his body as he has no shirt on similar to a peacock showing its feathers to attract females.

The prop being held is an aftershave for men which would influence magazine customers to find and purchase the product so to emulate him. The angle of the face looking downwards with the eyes looking at the camera represents confidence within the model as the touching of the product against the chin persuades the viewer that he endorses the product.




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