UntitledP018-4/4, 11/30/05, 2:10 PM, 16G, 3936x3876 (709+964), 100%, Cruz 080205, 1/120 s, R67.3, G57.4, B71.7

When inspecting these photographs, I feel the photographers have looked deep into their insides and started establishing their outsides (which was the production of these types of photography). Roe’s image has the women looking very relaxed and calm in comfort while in Francesca’s image, the space looks rather dark and mysterious.

The photograph on the left has its beauty within the flowery dress blending with the red carpet which has a similar colour scheme, the compost has a connection with the flowers on the woman’s dress but not necessarily in a beautiful style like the cosy warm carpet but rather a little bit humorous in terms of the strange idea of using it in the picture, however it narratively adds to the photograph with its little sunflower. The symbolism of this fashion photography in my opinion could be the experience of love since I think the image looks like an imagery of a gentleman’s dream about his crush.

The photograph on the right contains another woman that is hiding her identity and looking agitated in her space unlike the other photograph which overall shows and interesting comparison. The inspiration most likely in my opinion would be the feelings of the photographer over something which would include being shy in the outside world and would stay inside. Roe Ethridge on the other hand has his fine insides that influence him creating his beauty on the outside.


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