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Anne Hardy, a British artist and photographer born in London 1970 is known for her pieces of artwork related to the British environment that is constructed in her own photography studio in East London. Hardy studied at Cheltenham School of Art & MA in Photography in the Royal College of Art in London.

Her photographs have both a magical and naturalistic quality. The photographs display the vestiges of human storing, ordering and discarding sites where nature begins to creep into dominance as regular human use declines, these spaces also uncover the uneasy relationship between the natural and artificial.

Anne Hardy uses a range of materials from disintegrating objects to natural forms. Hardy’s photographs may start with an object and an idea that instigates her building of the scene, but the final construction develops over time as she imagines upon whom and how the fictional space is used. The photographs stay within a tight range of types of spaces: a storage area, a communal hall and a temporary office. Hardy uses a large format camera.

Anne has shown her work in many exhibitions such as The Maureen Paley in London, The Bellwether Gallery in New York USA and the Federica Schiavo Gallery in Rome Italy.

She see’s East London, where she works with a sense of other things in the environment that have been hidden away. In addition she also described how she sees her photographs in relation to the environment as a fiction that’s about a particular place that people would recognise but not that place being put together in the usual way but it is about that location that they see but it’s one step away.

Above, I have chosen two images by Anne Hardy. These three images stood out to me mainly with their compositions, metaphors and colours.

Untitled IV (Balloons 2005)

Lumber (2003)

UNTITLED IV (BALLOONS): The aspects in this photograph to me are a metaphoric environment towards students that love to party outside of their education, I imagine this reference is mainly because of the room having a chalkboard and a shelf with some objects (that perhaps are gadgets belonging to the teacher) making the area look like a classroom, which has insanely been infested with balloons and banners across the ceiling and floor which has also got a pile of used cigarettes, this entire drama is my reason that I’m interested in this photograph because of its powerful advertisement to environmental wellbeing.

LUMBER: This image contains chaos, but in a slightly different style of staged development because it is only the quantity of the same subject that’s chaos. It has limited items in the image but it still has some thought provoking storytelling. The story that I imagine within this environment is a metaphor of addiction of keeping up to date with popular trends, the reason why I see this, is because of the compositions of both the little tree and the big trees being scattered all over most of the room which is blocking a large amount of space and will probably cause even more trouble once the little tree gets replaced.

More Sources

New Photography in Britain SKIRA Photography book


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